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  Young Barley Powder

Young Barley Powder-Natureís Power

Young Barley juice probably is the best known barley based dietary supplement from around the world. Most often than not this dietary supplement is prepared in order to be ingested by mixing young barley powder with carrot juice, apple juice or, better, with water. It is highly important that the water to be at room temperature, as warm water may harm the active elements of the nutrients contained by the young barley powder and thus neutralizing all benefits this product brings forth.

The young barley essence is one of the most nourishing aliments in the world!

The young barley herb contains a sum of minerals and vitamins that our body needs to function normally. The young barley concentrate is a dietary supplement that contains all nutrients and all cereal specific trace elements in physiological proportions. Young barley is the richest SOD (SUPEROXID DISMUTAZA) source in nature. Natural SOD is an enzymatic vegetable concoction, having a tremendous effect in curing diseases, revitalizing human body, and delaying the process of cellular aging.Deep Green Powder is ECOCERT certified

Beside these former mentioned effects, the young barley essence also supplies the daily needed dose of aminoacids, fatty nonsaturated acids, chlorophyle, and also stimulates the immunitary system. When we eat healthy, but also use dietary young barley based supplements, we walk the path towards the state of well being. Common problems such as head aches, muscle pain, fatigue, stomach aches, constipation, influenza, all are forgotten when we start using daily young barley juice.

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Usage: the first and far most important role of Deep Green, young barley
powder, is that it stimulates the immunitary system helping our body fight against diseases, being also highly indicated to diabetic persons. Having an antiinflammatory effect we recommend.....
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