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Frequent Questions – Young Barley Juice

● 1. Why should I use Deep Green – young barley juice powder?
Our life style, more unbalanced every day, the stress and pressure we are put through in order to compete, are negatively influencing our health condition and of course our body. We can state that anyone needs, from time to time, minerals and vitamins in order to stay fit and feel great.

● 2. When is it better for me to start taking Deep Green – young barley juice powder?
Do you feel anemic, depressed, or you just need an energy boost, than it is clearly time to start having Deep Green in your every day life.

● 3. For how long should I take Deep Green- young barley juice powder?
To reach maximum of efficiency the Deep Green powder treatment must follow a certain scheme: 3 spring months during which Deep Green should be taken 5 grams a day, followed by another 3months treatment period during autumn. However, the 6 months treatment period should also be considered. These periods of 6 months treatment must be followed by a brake of another 6 months, after which the treatment can be resumed.

● 4. If I have diabetis or neoplasm (cancer) may I have Deep Green – young barley juice powder?
As a dietary supplement Deep Green – young barley juice powder has no influence whatsoever upon other treatments. Deep Green does not contain carbohydrates, and its minerals and oligoelemnts are best fit for diabetics too. In what concerns people with cancer, Deep Green slows down the tumor growth process.

● 5. Are there side effects when taking Deep Green – young barley juice powder?
There are no side effects. However in case of feeling unpleasant please report to a doctor or a pharmacist.

● 6. How much it costs and how do I order?
Click here to see our price offer.

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Usage: the first and far most important role of Deep Green, young barley
powder, is that it stimulates the immunitary system helping our body fight against diseases, being also highly indicated to diabetic persons. Having an antiinflammatory effect we recommend.....
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